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Contributors are the users added to the project. These could be from the organization owning the project, for higher-level roles, or from other organizations (or no organization at all). A project has 1 or more ‘Project owners’, and also ‘Developers’. The project owner can add ‘Annotation managers’, which manage the daily work of all ‘Annotators’

The Contributor hierarchy is as follows:

  • Project Owner: this role has access to all. As a project owner you can create projects, manage datasets, assign contributors, change roles, export data and more...
  • Developer: as a developer, you can manage datasets, set recipes, create tasks and export data within a project.
  • Annotation Manager: as an annotation manager you can create annotations or QA tasks, redistribute and reassign these tasks to annotators, as well as review their tasks.
  • Annotator:  annotators can only work on annotation and QA assignments assigned to them.

Full Contributors Roles Permission
Action/RoleAnnotatorAnnotation ManagerDeveloperOwner
Create annotationAllowedAllowedAllowedAllowed
Delete annotationAllowedAllowedAllowedAllowed
Edit annotationAllowedAllowedAllowedAllowed
Create a projectAllowedAllowedAllowedAllowed
Create a taskForbiddenAllowedAllowedAllowed
Rename a taskForbiddenForbiddenAllowedAllowed
Open an issueForbiddenAllowedAllowedAllowed
Approve an issueForbiddenAllowedAllowedAllowed
Edit contributorsForbiddenAllowedAllowedAllowed
Changing roleForbiddenAllowedAllowedAllowed
Delete a taskForbiddenOnly the ones he createdAllowedAllowed
Upload an itemForbiddenForbiddenAllowedAllowed
Rename an itemForbiddenForbiddenAllowedAllowed
Delete an itemForbiddenForbiddenAllowedAllowed
Move an ItemForbiddenForbiddenAllowedAllowed
Create a folderForbiddenForbiddenAllowedAllowed
Delete a folderForbiddenForbiddenAllowedAllowed
Rename a folderForbiddenForbiddenAllowedAllowed
Move a folderForbiddenForbiddenAllowedAllowed
Create a datasetForbiddenForbiddenAllowedAllowed
Delete a datasetForbiddenForbiddenAllowedAllowed
Rename a datasetForbiddenForbiddenAllowedAllowed
Edit labelsForbiddenForbiddenAllowedAllowed
Clone RecipesForbiddenForbiddenAllowedAllowed
Rename a projectForbiddenForbiddenForbiddenAllowed
Delete a projectForbiddenForbiddenForbiddenAllowed
Install/uninstall pipelinesForbiddenForbiddenAllowed
Create pipelinesForbiddenForbiddenAllowed
Edit pipelinesForbiddenForbiddenAllowed
View pipelinesForbiddenAllowed

Adding New Contributors

To send out Tasks & Assignments , you'll need to add Contributors to your project.

The list of project contributors appears on the top left of the Project dashboard.
Use it to add, edit or remove contributors.
Once added, new contributors will receive an email notification, including a link to the selected project. To access the project, users who are new to the platform must first sign up.

Add new contributors by:

 1. Click the "Add new" button.
 2. Type in their email address
 3. Select a role
 4. Click "Enter."

To easily add multiple users to an organization, use the ‘Import’ option and select a text file that contains email addresses.

Edit the roles of existing contributors by:

 1. Click the box by their email
 2. Select the desired role from the drop-down list.
 3. To delete one or more contributors, click the red “minus” icon to the left of their email address.
 4. Click “DONE” to exit the editing mode.

Make sure to press "Show Contributors from All Domains" to see all contributors on the project.

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