Marketplace Overview
  • 01 May 2024
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Marketplace Overview

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Article summary


The Marketplace is envisioned as a marketplace for various applications, models, and installations within the Dataloop platform.
Marketplace revolutionizes the way developers of all skill levels and expertise build AI, providing them with models, applications, pipelines, and out-of-the-box end-to-end AI and GenAI workflows.

Marketplace aims to simplify the AI-building process for developers, making it easy to find what they need and to get started quickly.

Key Features and Benefits

Comprehensive Resource Offering

  • Diverse Array of Applications and Tools: Marketplace features a wide selection of applications and tools tailored to meet various AI project requirements, including data annotation, model training, and pipeline management.
  • Advanced AI Models and Pipelines: Access a rich library of pre-trained models and customizable pipelines designed to accelerate your AI projects, from concept to deployment.
  • Seamless Installations: The Marketplace provides straightforward installation processes for all offered resources, such as Foundation Model Installation, Pipeline Template and Node Installation, etc. ensuring users can quickly integrate them into their projects.

Enhanced Search and Discovery

  • New Search Filters: To improve the efficiency of finding the right resources, Marketplace introduces advanced search filters, including:
    • Providers: Filter resources by specific providers or contributors, helping you find trusted, high-quality content.
    • Media Types: Easily search for resources based on the type of media they support or generate, such as images, videos, or text.
    • Libraries: Locate resources by specifying particular libraries or frameworks, ensuring compatibility with your existing projects.
    • Pipeline Types: Filter by pipeline types, allowing you to find specific workflows, such as data processing, model training, or inference pipelines.
    • Generative AI (Gen AI): Specifically search for generative AI models and tools, catering to the growing demand for these cutting-edge resources.
  • Installation & Scope Level Filters: Tailor your search based on installation status and the scope level of resources, enabling you to find solutions that match your project scale and complexity.

Access Marketplace

Permission Roles to Access Marketplace

Make sure your role is Developer or Project Owner to access the Marketplace.

  • The Marketplace is available on the left-side panel of the Dataloop platform. By default, the Models tab is displayed.
  • Also, you can access Marketplace from:
    • The Model Management page to install a model.
    • The CloudOps page to install Applications.

The Marketplace page features are explained in the following sections:

Marketplace Tabs

The Marketplace page displays all the pipelines and nodes, models, and elements available in the Dataloop in dedicated tabs.

Each tab displays the applications, models, or pipelines in a card view where you can view:

  • Provider name
  • Its category such as Image, Model, Object Detection, etc.
  • The Public or Private indication (icon). Public: The application is available for installation for all users. Private: Only available in the project or org level.
  • Updated Timestamp

Click on a card to view more information on the right-side panel, such as button to install the model or pipelines, description, content information, details, and applicable actions.

By default, card view is sorted based on the recently created date.

The Marketplace tabs' details are explained in the following sections:

Details: Right-Side Panel

After you select a pipeline, node, model, or application, a panel displaying the details opens on the right side. You can view details, such as description, status, scope level, installed and uninstalled versions details (Pipeline Templates, Nodes, Models, etc.), created or updated by username, project name, etc.

  • Click on the GitHub link in the description section to view the GitHub repository.
  • Click on the Copy icon to copy the email ID of the user who created and updated the pipelines, nodes, models, or applications.
  • Click on the Document (under the Content) icon to view the details in a popup.

Search and Filters

The search and filter capabilities of Marketplace is crucial for enhancing user experience by allowing users to efficiently navigate through a wide range of available tools and solutions.

Here are some key aspects of search and filter functions that Marketplace might incorporate to achieve its goals:

Filter by Categories

Marketplace enables the filtering of models, pipelines, and applications through distinct categories. These categories vary between models, pipelines, and applications:

Filter by Installation Status

Marketplace allows you to filter models, pipelines & nodes, and applications based on their installation status.

  • Installed: Click on the Select Filters > Installed, it displays models, pipelines, etc. that are installed in your project or organization.
  • Uninstalled: Click on the Select Filters > Uninstalled, it displays models, pipelines, etc. that are installed in your project or organization.

Filter by Privacy Level

Marketplace offers a flexible filtering system that categorizes models, pipelines, nodes, and other applications according to their privacy level, enhancing navigation and selection within the Dataloop platform.

  • Project: This level includes models, pipelines, and similar resources currently accessible within the active project on Dataloop. Applications, pipelines, models, etc. created or installed in the project by any user.
  • Organization: At this level, users can explore models, pipelines, and other applications that are available across the entire organization within Dataloop, facilitating resource sharing and collaboration among different projects within the same organization.
  • Public: This broadest scope level allows access to models, pipelines, and applications that are publicly available to all users on the Dataloop platform, promoting a wide exchange of tools and ideas across the global Dataloop community.

Search by Using Free Texts

Marketplace enables you to conduct searches for pipeline templates, nodes, models, and applications using their display names and descriptions.