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Dataloop's Annotation Platform

Our annotation platform allows you to accelerate dataset production, using a growing mix of human-operated tools and automations, customizable plugins and active machine learning.

Key Features

The Dataloop platform uses annotations as a way to label or mark items.
Our platform has 8 different types of Annotations including point, bounding box, polygon and semantic segmentation.

Automatic Annotation -

Within the platform, there are a number of tools available to help you automate annotations.
For example, the 4-Points Magic Tool automatically creates a contour around an object, by placing only 4 points around its edge.
Or, you may copy annotations from the previous item to your current one with the click of a button.

Use our advanced video interpolation, scene classification, tracker tool or many other features to create a more efficient and accurate video annotation process.

Classify and edit annotations on audio files.

Workforce Management -

Contributor Roles open Tasks & Assignments for more efficient workflows.
Track the assignments and annotators' performance with the Task Analytics.

Data QA & Verification -

Get realtime reviews of progress using the direct feedback features for Annotators and Reviewers feature.
Here you can also open issues either for items or specific annotations.

Updated 6 months ago

Platform Pages Overview

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